Our Workshops are one-off sessions that are designed to give people a brief insight about healthy eating and the food industry.

We provide lots of unique resources to assist learning; participants can read food labels, understand food packaging and start to make better decisions for themselves and the family.


Children, parents, staff


1-2 Hour Session(s)




The Workshops can take place in or out of school hours – before, lunch or after school, depending on what is best suited to your school. They can be delivered to students, teachers or parents, and are delivered differently for each group; though all get the same message across – drink more water, eat more fruit and vegetables and limit the amount of food high in fat, salt and sugar.


Class (60 minute session)

These active workshops will take place in school time as they allow the whole class to learning about current initiatives that promote healthy eating. The fun games embed aspects of the curriculum for the relevant KS and use appropriate resources to reinforce the healthy eating messages.

These can be used for awareness days/weeks or school initiatives like Healthy Eating Week. To continue the learning at home the children will receive a FREE Food Shopping Card to make healthier choices at the shops.

Parent/Carer (90 minute session)

The workshops can happen in or out of school hours, whatever is best suited to your needs. We work through the different nutrients, specifically paying more attention to carbohydrates and sugar and current initiatives to promote a healthy diet. There are lots of activities to encourage parents/carers to read food labels before buying, calculate and discover hidden sugars and also take a look at the current apps designed to assist with healthy eating.

Using the natural breaks in the workshop we engage the parents/carers in discussions around planning healthier meals for the family, what should/should not go into packed lunches and smarter ways to shop. We finish the workshop with a Q+A session and provide a FREE Food Shopping Card to help with their shopping choices.

Staff (120 minute session)

These workshops are best delivered during training days. We aim to develop the staff’s understanding of healthy eating through the activities included in the Parent/Carer workshop and then concentrating on how to embed the information into the National Curriculum. After 90 minutes of classroom based activities we want to get the staff moving around with some fun games. We discuss the importance to lesson planning and how they can reinforce the healthy eating messages.

The school receive a Learning Box that contains a variety of resource cards, food packages and other materials to plan lessons, in addition, the school will have constant access to our shared drive containing lots of games, recipes and other resources.

Additional Info

These Workshops are priced at £35 (Class), £50 (Parent) and £150 (Staff).


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