Our Mission

What is myChange and what do we aim to achieve?

Our goal is to provide people of all ages with both the knowledge and skills required to empower them to make better food choices


Relates to what information that person has to make these decisions. By equipping people with more information around the topic they are better placed to choose a more nutritious food, cook a meal more healthily and shop in ways that are conducive to their health and finances.


Teaching and applying the practical skills, like basic kitchen techniques and cooking methods needed to assist people with making better food choices.


Giving confidence to people in trying new foods, experimenting with ingredients and learning about the different ways to prepare foods, ensuring people can thrive in making better choices.

The story

Based in South East London, we started taking our one-off workshops into local schools. Kids could get familiar with food, whip up nutritious meals, even grow their own veg. Those first workshops sowed the seeds for what became our complete food education programme: Food Changers. So that no school misses out, we’ve launched a subscription service. Now teachers up and down the country can access all of our lesson plans and become foody gurus themselves.

We’re a CIC

CIC means Community Investment Company. This means any profit we make goes straight back into making our programmes the best that they can be.

Our team

We’re supported by a skilled team of various disciplines from all across the UK – meet some of them here.