Work in 2019-2020

This year we will return to the 3 primary schools in Bexley where we worked last year. While we are only delivering our Healthy Me programme during class time, we will be working with a range of children in our growing and cooking clubs to learn about the farm to fork process. Below we have briefly described what will be happening at each school.

Sherwood Park Primary School: During terms 2-5 we will be working with a year group per term. The two forms in the year will enrol on the Healthy Me programme from 1:15pm – 3:15pm with a small group in that year group attending a cooking club from 3:30pm. These sessions will take place on Tuesdays.

Hurst Primary School: Working with years 1-6 throughout the year, each year group will access the Healthy Me programme from 11am – 3:10pm and get the change to partake in gardening at lunch time and a cooking club after school at 3:15pm. Fortunately the school have granted us a small space in the KS2 playground where the gardening will take place. These sessions will happen every Wednesday.

Northwood Primary School: Only working with year 5 where they will access the Healthy Me programme in term 1 from 9am – 12pm on Mondays with gardening and cooking to follow in term 2 on Fridays from 1:30pm – 4pm. 

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