What are we about?

Everything we do at My Change CIC is guided by three core principles – our mission, objectives and values.


Helping kids make better food choices. 


We have two objectives that we consider at every stage of our work; the social and environmental objective.

Social Objective

To provide people with the knowledge, skills and empowerment to make better food choices. 

  • Knowledge: relates to what information that person has to make these decisions. By equipping people with more information around the topic they are better placed to choose a more nutritious food, cook a meal more healthily and shop in ways that are conducive to their health and finances. 
  • Skills: applies to the practical skills like basic kitchen techniques and cooking methods to assist people with making better food choices.
  • Empowerment: giving confidence to the people in trying new foods, experimenting with ingredients and learning about the different ways to prepare foods will ensure people can thrive in making better choices.

Environmental Objective

To ultimately be environmentally friendly as possible. 

  • Food options: we look to source organic, plant-based and sustainable ingredients in our projects. When this is not possible, we will prioritise higher welfare foods. We will always prioritise these factors over the costs. 
  • Plastic free: we prefer natural compostable packaging, with recyclable being a secondary option. Biodegradable materials only break down into smaller pieces of plastic which is arguably worse for the environment, and recyclable packaging doesn’t always get recycled.
  • Like-minded companies: we will use other companies that adopt the same environmental ethos, principles and standards as us. When possible, we will work with businesses in Britain, especially by working with people and companies local to us.


We have four values, which we do our utmost best to adhere to on a daily basis. These values demonstrate how we get the information through to others. 

  • Honesty: we ensure we’re honest and transparent in how we do business and engage externally. 
  • Responsible: we seek to run the company responsibly and through our actions, ensure good outcomes for the people we work with.
  • Helpful: we will always try to give the right information and answer your questions. If we can’t, we’ll direct you to someone who can.
  • Friendly: we go about our business with a smile on our face making sure everyone involved has a positive experience.
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