Tesco Bags of Help Funding – May Update

We received payment this week from Groundworks UK for our Tesco Bags of Help funding application. Customers voted in store for their favourite cause and we finished second, meaning we received an amazing £2,000. This money is to be used at Sherwood Park Primary School to develop the garden and make it into an interactive learning tool for children to learn about the farm to fork approach.

We are currently growing aubergines, carrots, beetroots, potatoes (Grow Your Own Potatoes initiative), peas, cucumbers, courgettes and cauliflowers to name a few. In addition to food growing we compost food waste, grow our own herbs and encourage wildlife to visit by growing a variety of bee-friendly plants.

We intend to meet with the school on Thursday 9th May and include the school council to discuss how the £2,000 will be spent.

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