Healthy Schools Rating Scheme

Schools are now able to voluntarily self-evaluate their work on food education, compliance with the school food standards, time spent on physical education and the promotion of active travel. The Healthy School Rating Scheme was proposed as part of the Childhood Obesity Plan where schools can now achieve a gold, silver or bronze award from the work they are doing. This is not mandatory for schools to complete and results can be shared with parents, pupils and the wider school community.

Our programmes and clubs focus on one key area of the Scheme – Food education, including in the curriculum and teacher training. The document reports that “High performing schools in this area will be supporting their pupils to build their understanding around healthy eating and to develop knowledge and skills that will enable them to lead healthy lives. Schools can deliver this in a variety of ways, including embedding healthy eating in the curriculum, cooking clubs, growing food at the school premises, teachers’ professional development and encouraging pupils to assist catering staff in preparing school meals”. We understand that tackling childhood obesity is about not only promoting a healthy diet, but implementing creative and transparent ways to establish a whole school approach to healthy living. 

Even though this is a voluntary step for schools to acknowledge their work and does not directly contribute towards Ofsted’s grading, it is promising that food education is becoming more commonplace in schools and education.

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