Grandparent Gardening Week

We recently helped Sherwood Park Primary School in Blackfen in developing their allotment. As part of the regeneration we involved children, parents and grandparents. We had 21 people attending, of those we had a range from nursery children to year 6’s.

We decided to organise something during Grandparent Gardening Week to build momentum and interest in line with our goal to become more health conscious. By developing the allotment with a little help we are now in a position to use the site as a learning tool, where children can learn about cultivating and harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables. Having a place where children can develop an interest in gardening will provide them with the skills and knowledge about healthier eating tackles the ‘farm to fork’ and ‘sustainability’ issues that are currently a top priority for the government along with childhood obesity. We believe that by including the parents/grandparents in activities like this will create a stronger passion for the children and build positive family relationships”.

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