Gardening at Northwood Primary School

This term, we have spent five weeks with a new group of Year 5 children. These are the lucky one’s where they get to harvest the fruits and vegetables that have been planted by other groups before them. The potatoes from the Grow Your Own Potato initiative produced some big, medium, small and very very small pots. The lettuces are going to be used by the school canteen to bulk up the salad options at lunchtime. We still have onions, peas and a variety of beans to harvest.

We are thankful to Northwood for giving us the opportunity to develop their garden and incorporate food growing into the school curriculum. We have been welcomed back next year with the school investing more time and money into making this a focal point for school learning. This year we have managed to completely renovate the space; being overgrown with a rotten shed to a blank canvas where we now can decide what storage to purchase and what to grow. We will be working every Friday afternoon at the school, which will be followed by a cooking club.

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