Growing Club



To educate people about the food growing process and general horticulture. We want people to be hands-on with food by planting the seeds, maintaining the plants and harvesting the foods.






£25 per hour


We want to inspire children to start growing their own foods, whether that is a herb garden on the windowsill or their very own potted beetroot. The sessions allow children to learn new skills, increase their activity levels and understand how food grows from seed to harvest.

The sessions are available for the whole school as we tailor the activities to suit their needs. We recommend that the groups are kept as close as possible in years for safety reasons around using the equipment and level of information.

The sessions can be delivered over any time frame, however we recommend a minimum time of 60 minutes as there are always tasks to be completed in the garden.

The children will get empty pots, seeds and information on how to care for them. All they need to do is get some soil and start to grow their own.

Additional Info

We are more than happy to involve the staff and parents in these sessions to create a food growing culture and build healthy relationships around food at school and at home.

Schools must have basic gardening equipment on site for us to deliver this. Unfortunately we are unable to provide this, however we will bring specific tools and equipment based on the aim of the session.


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