Cooking Club



To educate people about healthy dishes and the ingredients that make them. We want people to start thinking about the ways their meals are cooked and how they can make simple, healthy changes to eat a more balanced diet.




1 hour session


£40 per hour


We want to get children in the kitchen helping the family with the dinner or making healthy snacks for them. These sessions will enable children to learn new skills and introduce them to new foods. The sessions are available for the whole school as we tailor the recipes to suit their needs.

We recommend that the groups are kept as close as possible in years for safety reasons around using the equipment and level of information. The sessions run for 1 hour and will learn how to use equipment correctly and about the ingredients in the recipes.

We do our best to buy ingredients that are organic, vegan and contain minimal allergens to broaden knowledge and ensure the sessions run smoothly. The children must bring containers to take home their foods and will also get the recipe to create their own variations to share with the family.

Additional Info

We are more than happy to involve the staff and parents in these sessions so they are able to create healthy meals and snacks at home.

Schools must have a basic kitchen with necessary appliances like an oven, microwave ad fridge. If schools do not have any of these, we will make dishes that do not require them. We provide all mobile equipment to support the aim of the session.


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