Coop Community Fund

With just over 5 weeks until the Local Community Fund closes on Saturday 24 October, we wanted to let you know there’s still time to encourage Co-op Members to choose us as your local cause. Every cause has their own dedicated page on our membership website, so please encourage others to choose us as their cause and donate their 1%. The page includes information about our cause and the project we’re raising funds for. Simply copy and paste the link below and share on facebook & twitter and encourage others to share this too.

In April we received a generous donation of £1,087.48 that helped fund the Family Cooking Sessions At Home. This money is crucial in getting these sessions running and ensure families can pick up a food bag for FREE. When the sessions start up as normal again we charge a contribution of £5 per child which gives the child 3 hours of cooking fun and lots of leftovers to take home.

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