Food Changers

A six-session programme for nutritional mastery

What is it and who is it for

Tapping into the science and PSHE curriculums, kids get a chance to really see inside what they’re eating with our Food Changers programme. They’ll explore the different nutrients, start building their own balanced diet, and identify which foods to stay away from. Or at the very least, eat sparingly (we can’t be perfect can we!).

For your first annual subscription, At a time that suits you, we’ll then train up three members of your staff over live video calls. It takes about three hours, and they can choose to do it all at once or in more bite-sized chunks. your teachers get access to all of our lesson plans and resources through our website. 

Firstly, we will upskill three members of your staff virtually on all things food. Then, you’ll have access to all of the lesson plans, resources on our website, and ongoing support from our team. And, you’ll get access to an exclusive forum where you can connect and learn with other schools.

The resources you gain access to

We’ve designed six sessions for each year group (one to six) and the content gets more sophisticated as each year goes by. Each session lasts for one hour. The bulk of the time digs into the food theory. Then as a final flourish, you can add in one of our learning activities, like a fun game, food tasting or sowing seeds.

All of the content is easily accessible via our online portal.

What are the benefits?

Whole school approach

Using our experts, you'll have access to everything you need in setting up parent and staff workshops. You’ll be getting the healthy eating message out to the whole school community and creating a recipe for success!

Ofsted framework

We draw on the Ofsted framework on Personal Development. Children will know more about staying fit and eating well.


It helps you achieve wider awards like Food for Life, Healthy Schools Rating Scheme or Royal Horticultural Society Schools Award.


Our lesson plans are linked to curriculums in Science, Maths, English, Design and Tech, PSHE, and Health Education. And we include the Core Food Competencies set out by the British Nutrition Foundation and Food Standards Agency.

Food Changers
Annual Subscription
Access to our virtual programme for the first year.
£ 525*
for the 1st year, £315 thereafter
  • Training for 3 staff members¹
  • Monthly check-ins²
  • Full access to our resources website
  • Unlimited professional Q&A
  • Assistance in organising workshops

Why is food education important

Generally, kids don’t know enough about food

It’s not until later in life do we really start to understand what makes up a healthy diet. Our programme looks to change that trend and get kids building healthy habits from an early age.

Kids from poorer backgrounds get left behind

The cheap and easy options are often the unhealthy options. Once kids from lower-income families can see what they’re being fed isn’t fuelling their body properly, they can start to take control of their diet. And hopefully educate their household as they go.

We live in a society that promotes bad health

Obesity is a growing problem. Not just in schools, but in the wider society. We’re doing our bit to help the next generation live healthier, happier lives.

Frequently asked questions

What makes myChange different to other providers?

We don’t just hand over the lesson plans and vanish. You get ongoing support from our team all through the year. There’s also a forum for you to connect and learn from other schools. Plus, our team is made up of a personal trainer, a dietician and a chef, so you know you’re getting all of the right information.

What’s the impact?

Last time we ran the numbers, 94% of children were more confident in making healthier choices and 89% of children were more confident in reading food labels.

What else comes with the subscription?

Your teachers get monthly check-ins to ask any questions. We’ll also help you set up extra workshops to include the family. And you’ll get a Food Changers certificate to put towards other accreditations and awards.

Do schools with fewer year groups get a discount?

Absolutely. Our annual subscription of £ is for six year groups. That works out at £120 per group. So if you’re an infant school with just two year groups, it’ll cost you £240. Basically, multiply £120 by the number of year groups you have and that’s what we’ll charge.

Can we save some money after the first year?

If you don’t need us to train anyone else up after the first year, we can reduce your subscription by 25% in year two, making it £Y.

Can we try before we buy?

If you’re interested, we’ll happily send over some preview lesson plans and resources.

Can your team teach the programme instead?

We’re only a small team, so we can’t take on too many schools face-to-face. But if you’re a South East London school, get in touch. We’ll do our best to fit you in.

Is there any other way you can help our school?

We love a challenge and are always willing to help out with a school’s healthy eating week or allotment planning. Again, drop us a line and we’ll see how we can help.